I was born and brought up in Budapest, but now I live in a quiet little village in Pest county. My interest in fine arts was basically woken up by my mother, who took me to numerous museums and art exhibitions in my childhood. One of my favourite places was the Museum of Fine Arts;  I still have the deck of cards which illustrates the well-known paintings of the Ancient Gallery. Another important experience in arts was given to me by Mr Ferenc Zách my teacher of drawing in Pannonia Public School. I was deeply impressed by his wonderful drawings in crayon and water- colours.

In my early adult years my family and my job took me in other directions, thus fine arts passed out of my mind for a longer period. In the past few years, however, I have begun to visit more and more art exhibitions and has been again captivated by the desire to create something artistic. I used to be mostly attracted by oil painting, but nowadays I use pastel, acrilic or water colours as well. I am open to acquiring  some other technics, too. Still, I think oil remains the „great love”. I regulary read art magazines, visit libraries, collect and read books of arts, especially „antiques”.

My objective is to develop continuously, so I regularly participate in workshops, follow the activities of contemporary artists, sometimes even being an apprentice to some of them. I constantly train myself:

  • Pannonia School, Budapest, my teacher Ferenc Zách
  • Barcsay School of Drawing,Budapest, my teacher Zsuzsa Kemény
  • Art School and Vocational School – faculty of painter, Budapest, my teacher Máté Posta
  • My current teachers István Sinkó and István Juhász – Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest


My works are in the home of those Hungarians and foreigners, who are interested in my arts.

I am a member of MANK, and Batsányi-Cserhát Circle of Artists.

The actions of artists are very important to me, I regularly and actively participate in charity events.

I consider myself  as a realistic artist, it is important that the mood of my paintings should reflect my internal world, and the colours used in the process of creation as well as the chosen topic should trigger positive feelings in the people. It makes me happy to give something from myself, to evoke feelings and ideas which are able to hold us up for a moment in this running world.

I wish to express my gratitude to my friends, my unselfish and helpful tutors, without whom I could not be on my way.

I welcome everybody in my world!

Gabi Agárdi

Those who are interested in my works, can find them in places or forums as below:

  • Grassalkovich Community Center, Hatvan
  • Office of the Local Government, Dabas
  • Pannon Training Center, Dunaújváros
  • Litera-Túra Literary, Art and Cultural Magazine, Literary Radio
  • Batsányi-Cserhát Circle of Artists, Délibáb Magazine
  • Lommel, Belgium
  • Slovakia, Limes Gallery
  • Polling, Deutschland
  • Pest County Government Office, Budapest
  • Perth, Australia
  • Gallery, Aranytíz Community Center, Budapest







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